Hosted by Professor Paul Loubere, this four-part series takes place Monday evenings in March and explores the ways we can reduce global warming at personal, local and national levels.

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March 4 – Find out where CO2 comes from and where it goes, sources of CO2 emissions, discretionary vs. structural emissions, and our own carbon footprints.

March 11 – This week, we’ll talk about the carbon emissions from our homes and lifestyles, and the impacts of the choices in what we buy. We’ll also discuss Jefferson County’s Climate Action Plan and climate change preparedness in the Pacific Northwest.

March 18 – Learn about the national power grid – how it works and its relation to green energy. We’ll look at various ways of limiting carbon emissions on a national scale, and introduce you to DrawDown, the most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming.

March 25 – This week we’ll discuss DrawDown’s paths to reducing carbon emissions, what actions will have the biggest impact, and what avenues you can pursue to lead a “carbon-aware” life.