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Interlibrary Loan Guidelines


Through Interlibrary loan, the Library provides patrons with access to information and materials that are not available in our Library. Some guidelines for the use of ILL:

  1. Patrons may have 3 interlibrary loan requests in the system at a time.
  2. Some items will be considered for purchase by our Library rather than borrowed such as fiction, items available in paperback at a low cost, and non-fiction which might fill a need in our collection.
  3. The lending library determines the loan and renewal period for the item. Patrons should contact the Jefferson County Library at least 3 business days before the item is due so the lending library can be contacted for a loan extension.
  4. Some libraries have items in reserve collections that cannot be borrowed.
  5. Use of the ILL service is a privilege extended to JCL patrons. It is the patron’s responsibility to make sure that borrowed items are returned to the Jefferson County Library or Bookmobile on time and in good condition so that our Library can remain in good standing with other network libraries. If the ILL service is abused, patron’s access to this service may be denied.