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Tamara Meredith
Director, Public Records Officer

Chris HoffmanHill
Public Services Manager

Brwyn Griffin
Administrative Services Manager

Andrea Hergert
Information Services/Cataloging Librarian

Scott Bahlmann
Youth and Teen Services Librarian

Daniel Heaton
Systems & Technical Services Manager

Celeste Bennett
Mobile Services Manager

Kim Tingelstad
Acquisitions Librarian

Quintana Kelley
Library Assistant – Interlibrary Loan

Rosaletta Curry
Early Childhood Coordinator

Teri Burroughs
Administrative Assistant

Jamie Pena
Administrative Assistant

Jim Nyby
Library Assistant – Materials Selector

Janice Lewis
Library Assistant 

Claudia Olney
Library Assistant

Claudia Pieper
Library Assistant

Greg Turner
Library Assistant

Robin Van Dyke
Library Assistant