Join the effort to build our community’s food resilience.

The library is partnering with WSU Master Gardeners to bring seeds directly to you!

This year we will be offering only seeds grown within Jefferson County—the best seeds grown by your neighbors, friends, and local seed growers.

Here’s how it works:

1) Borrow a variety of seeds from the WSU Seed Library.

2) Grow beautiful, healthy plants to eat and for seed saving.

3) At the end of the season, return a portion of your seeds to the WSU Seed Library for the following year’s borrowers.

The WSU Seed Library is available at the Library and on the Bookmobile!

For questions about the WSU Seed Library, please contact Karen Seabrook.

Learn more about the WSU Seed Library.

Join the WSU Community Seed Project.

Borrow a Seed Cleaning Screen from the library’s WOW Collection!

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“As a TEAM we will address issues thoughtfully and proactively.”