Wireless Printing at the Library

The Jefferson County library is now offering a wireless printing service. You can print to the library printer from your personal laptop, phone or tablet. There are two options for printing – emailing a document to the printer or uploading the document to a website. These options are described below, or you can open this pdf file for more detailed instructions.

Option 1: Upload through a website

Visit the wireless printing website. http://www.printeron.net/jclibrary/webprint
When to use: If you want to print a webpage or have a document on your computer that you can upload to print. This method allows you to select the number of copies and the pages of a document you want to print. Use the print preview function of your program to determine what pages to print, then enter those pages once you upload your document.

  1. Determine what pages of a website or document you want to print by using your print preview function.
  2. Open the webpage at http://www.printeron.net/jclibrary/webprint.
  3. Enter your email address and then either browse to find a file on your computer or type in a web URL. Click on the > arrow to print.
  4.  You can select options such as page orientation, number of copies, or the page numbers you determined in step 1.
  5. Once you have the options filled out press the > arrow to continue. It may take a minute for your request to be processed. You will receive a summary of how many pages will print. Click the green printer image to continue.
  6. You will now see a page with a print release code, a six digit number. You will also receive an email with this code. Bring the release code to the Circulation or Information desk and a staff member will enter your release code to print your document and take your payment

Option 2: Email

You can send your document to our printer by sending an email to jclibrary@printspots.com.

When to use: If you want to print an email, an email with an attachment, or a document you can easily attach to an email, you can send it directly to the printspots email address. For webpages see Option 1 or 3.

  1. You can send an email to jclibrary@printspots.com with documents attached. You will receive a reply with a release code, a six digit number, and the number of pages that will print. There is a $0.10 charge per page.
  2. Bring the release code to the Circulation or Information desk and a staff member will enter your release code and take your payment. You can choose to have the body of the email printed or just the attachments.
  3. Pick up your documents from the public internet printer.