Wireless Printing at the Library

The Jefferson County library offers wireless printing. You can print to the library printer from your personal laptop, phone or tablet. Prints can be picked up at the Jefferson County Library or from the Bookmobile.

Prints are available the next business day. Tuesday – Saturday.
You will be notified when the prints are ready to pickup.

Send the document as an Email

You can send your document to our printer by sending an email to jclibrary@printspots.com. Please limit your prints to no more than 35 pages a week.

Steps to print.

  1. Send an email to jclibrary@printspots.com with documents attached. File formats can include Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel, Open Office Word, Spreadsheet and Presentation formats, PDF and many standard image files.

    Include your name and email or phone in the body of the email so the library can contact you when the print is ready.

  2. Wait to be notified that your prints are ready to pickup. The library will email or call you letting you know the print is ready.  Documents in the print queue are printed once a day by 10:00 AM.

  3. Stop at the library in one of the curbside pickup stalls, call the curbside number and let the staff know you have a print to pickup.

    If you want to pick up your print on the bookmobile please include the Bookmobile stop in the email. When you arrive at the bookmobile stop let staff know you have a print to pickup.