In 2022, the Jefferson County Library District (JCLD) contracted with to conduct a needs assessment survey of residents within its service area. Building on the District’s recently revised Vision, Mission, and Strategic Plan, the survey captured data aimed at answering the question, “What does our community need to thrive and be empowered by knowledge?” Project goals included:

  • Assessing/identifying community assets, barriers, and gaps in needed services.

  • Identifying JCLD’s role(s) in connecting users to assets, removing barriers, and bridging/filling existing gaps.

  • Creation of an action plan/recommendations for JCLD that will connect residents to existing assets, remove barriers to access, and fill gaps/holes. 

The quantitative survey collected 741 responses from adult residents of unincorporated Jefferson County.
Qualitative feedback included In-Depth Interviews (IDIs) with leaders of 16 community organizations.

Below you will find a downloadable Executive Summary and a link to the quantitative data dashboard. For more information or access to qualitative data, please contact Tamara Meredith,

Download the Executive Summary

View the Data Dashboard