This year’s winners by popular vote:

Alpine Christmas
Walter Moller
Candy Manor
by Ila Carr
Gingerbread Delight
by Zoe & Rachel Pollock

Category: Adult

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Adult: 101
Elf Town
by Dawn Kuhlman
Adult: 105
Alpine Christmas
Walter Moller
Adult: 102
The Polar Express
by Madison Maxwell
Adult: 103
Our Facility
by the Sequim Health and Rehab Skilled Nursing Facility
Adult: 104
Snail’s Christmas
by Laura Pollock

Category: Youth (Under 18)

Youth: 201
The Maple House
by Ariane Hiroshima
Youth: 202
Teddy Bear Candy Cane Lodge
by Damien, Dominik, and Devin Rasmussen
Youth: 203
Sour Patch Mansion
by Eliana Montgomery
Youth: 204
The Bear Cottage
by Claire Montgomery
Youth: 205
Candy Cane House of Fame
by Noelle Montgomery
Youth: 206
Ginger House
by Audrey Montgomery
Youth: 207
Conner’s House
by Conner Boone
Youth: 208
The Boonstead
by Ian Boone
Youth: 209
Candy House
by Isaiah Galmukoff
Youth: 210
The Gingerbread Castle
by Shayla
Youth: 211
Masterpiece of the World
by Artemis Maxwell
Youth: 212
The City
by Luke Adams
Youth: 213
Cottage by the River
by Berit Larson
Youth: 217
Snake Den
by Nick and James
Youth: 214
Candy Manor
by Gunnar M.
Youth: 218
Beary Christmas
by Jacob Perritt-Cravey
Youth: 215
Candy Manor
by Ila Carr
Youth: 216
Goodman Gingerbread Family Home
by Jaydan Goodman

Category: Family

Family: 301
The Colorful Gingerbread House
by the Christiansen Family and Ziara
Family: 302
Welcome to Our Sweet Home
by the Enkhtur Family
Family: 303
Putting the Fun Back Into Dysfunctional Family Home
by the Festinger Family
Family: 304
Santa’s Candy Shop
by the Alcazar Family
Family: 305
Welcome to the M&M Brothers Gingerbread House
by the Groody Family
Family: 306
Bear’s Pow Wow
by the Davis Family
Family: 307
Goodman Family Home
by The Goodman Family
Family: 308
Gingerbread Delight
by Zoe & Rachel Pollock