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June 8, 2020

The Jefferson County Library is so very, very happy to announce that we will soon be re-opening book drops and offering curbside holds pickup and delivery services! We have secured the necessary supplies, developed a Safety Plan that will keep our staff and our patrons as safe as possible, and are preparing to provide checkout, return, and Interlibrary Loan services in addition to our ongoing online programs and reference services.

Please note that we will only able to provide contactless curbside delivery services at this time – that means that staff can deliver held items to your trunk, rear seat, or place them on a table that allows for the required physical distance between the staff member and patrons. Returned items must be placed into a book drop (oversized items may be placed on a designated table). Staff are prohibited from handing items to, or receiving items directly from, any patron as part of the regulations issued by the Governor for contactless curbside delivery.

What you can expect and when:

  • Two book drops will reopen at the Library in Port Hadlock on June 15th. Please help our staff by staggering your returns – we have over 24,000 items checked out around the county, and our book returns only hold about 400 items each. To help us manage this daunting task, please use the following guide: if your birthday is on an odd day, return your materials on an odd day; if it is on an even day, return them on an even day. We thank you very much for your assistance!
  • Book drops around the county (Brinnon, Quilcene, Gardiner, and Port Ludlow) will be reopened the following week.
  • The Bookmobile will return to service on June 22nd and will be delivering holds at its regular stops, but on an adjusted schedule.
      • Bookmobile staff can either deliver items to a patron’s trunk, rear seat, or on a designated table for pickup.
      • No members of the public are allowed onto the Bookmobile at this time.
  • The Jefferson County Library will begin providing curbside holds pickup on June 23rd. Curbside service hours will be Tuesday through Saturday, 10:00am – 5:00pm.
      • After a patron is notified by email or phone that a hold is ready to be picked up, that person will drive to the library, park in a designated spot, and call a posted phone number. We ask that you do NOT exit the vehicle for your safety and ours. If you do not have a phone, please wave at us – we’ll be watching!
      • A library staff member will deliver the held items to the patron’s trunk or rear seat.
      • No members of the public are allowed to enter the library building at this time.

No members of the public are allowed to enter the library building at this time. Remember – the library’s digital resources and catalog are available 24/7. Just go to our website to access e-materials, place holds, stream videos, and more! You can also browse our online programs and events on our calendar.

Thank you for your patience – we’re looking forward to seeing you soon!

Dr. Tamara R. Meredith
Director, Jefferson County Library



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