Jefferson County Library is proud to be part of the 2018 Port Townsend Film Festival by hosting a free cinema at the library. All films are open to the public free of charge with advance ticket. Tickets will be available at the library 30 minutes prior to film start.

Friday, September 21

12:30 pm
In Reality
Take a whacky ride through the mind and creativity of Ann Lupo, who wrote, directed and stars in her film. As a hopeful romantic, she blends a documentary style interview with stylized narrative to tell the story of Ann, an average brunette with a wild imagination, who takes you on a journey into an intimate autobiographical investigation of unrequited love. We meet interesting characters in the film, predominantly through her “looking for love” lens. In Reality is an enjoyable breath of fresh air; using music, dance, graphics, animation, and imaginary game show images to entertain us. Director: Ann Lupo, USA, 2018, 94 min. Movie Trailer

Preceded by Stay
A young couple struggles with their long term passionate relationship demonstrated through dance. Director: Pam Kuntz, USA, 2018, 6 min.

3:00 pm
Satan & Adam
One day in the 1980s, Adam, a young white harmonica player, badly bruised by a lost love, finds himself in Harlem and stops to listen to an older black Mississippi street musician playing the blues. Nervous that he is the sole white face around but compelled by the street performer’s music, he asks to play along. Thus is born a most unlikely but enduring partnership. Remarkably filmed over 22 years, the documentary showcases a lifelong friendship, heartbreak, and the transformative power of music. Satan & Adam performed in clubs and cut albums but they were committed to the streets where they were heard by U2, who featured them on U2’s Rattle and Hum album. Director: V. Scott Balcerek, USA, 2018, 80 min. Movie Trailer

Preceded by The Long Time
The field of dreams is located somewhere outside of Austin, Texas. There, the dugout is a chicken coop, dogs often steal the ball and there is an occasional midgame break for watermelon races. Welcome to the Long Time sandlot baseball pitch, the brainchild of Jack Sanders, an architect of his very own design. Dreamy, unorthodox and brilliant, Sanders is an expert at designing community. Which is exactly what takes place when his team, The Texas Playboys, plays ball at the Long Time. Director: Ben Knight, Scott Ballew, USA, 2018, 20 min.

Saturday, September 22

10:00 am
Brampton’s Own
After 12 years of withstanding the rigors and trying conditions of minor league baseball in hopes of making it to the big leagues, Dustin Kimmel has decided to call it a career and return to his small hometown where he was once a celebrated athlete. Having neglected to prepare for life after baseball, Dustin’s trip home forces him to confront the very decisions that led to his current purposeless state. He proceeds, carefully dodging old wounds until confronted with the one that hurts the most – the girl that got away. Director: Michael Doneger, USA, 2018, 90 min. Movie Trailer

Preceded by Keys to Life
When Kathy’s father shows up a little late for their monthly lunch date driving the 1967 Firebird she helped him restore as a child, she has no idea that is the just the first of many surprises he has planned for their day. Director: Kent Loomer, USA, 2018, 13 min.

12:30 pm
This is a glorious ride through the Australian outback. Watch Flic Brown as her journey unfolds from casually collecting bits of nature, feathers, leaves, flowers and using them to create hats for their local Derby Races to her solo exhibit at the New York Fashion Week event. She was the first milliner to have been invited to the prestigious fashion event. She must overcome all odds of getting her ecologically disputed materials across international borders, not to mention the struggles she encounters in NYC, the antithesis of her life in the outback. You will leave wanting to know more about Flic Brown. Director: Carolyn Constantine, Australia, 2017, 55 min. Movie Trailer

Preceded by Period. End of Sentence.
In an effort to improve feminine hygiene, a machine that creates low-cost biodegradable sanitary pads is installed in a rural village in Northern India. Using the machine, a group of local women is employed to produce and sell pads, offering them newfound independence and helping to de-stigmatize menstruation for all. Director: Rayka Zehtabchi, USA, 2018, 25 min.
Hindi, English with English Subtitles

2:30 pm
Reviewers’ Choice – Shorts
This array of powerful, deeply felt and brilliantly acted films, all unique in perspective, were lauded by our team of local reviewers this year. Insightful and rarely easy, these short subjects address relationships and turning points with candor and sensitivity. From over 200 short films that were submitted to the festival this year, these left a lasting impression.

Whoever Was Using This Bed
A married couple is woken in the dead of night by a mysterious phone call. Unable to sleep, they are drawn into an unsettling examination of their fears and desires. Based on a story by Raymond Carver “Birdman”. Director: Andrew Kotatko, Australia, 2016, 20 min.

Funky Lola
Isabel is around 70 years old. She lives alone in her old apartment in a popular neighborhood in Madrid. Her son has serious debt problems but he cannot work because he is serving time in jail, and is only released on some weekends on parole. Isabel starts a daring, resolute endeavor to find a job and help him. As obstacles arise and her frustration increases, she ends up making a bold and surprising decision. Director: Julio Mas Alcaraz, Spain, 2017, 17 min.
Spanish with English Subtitles

Little Fiel
A stop-motion animation documentary about unending civil wars equipped and sustained by foreign super powers. Fiel dos Santos, a Mozambican sculptor, made the figures for the animation from dismantled guns. Director: Irina Patkanian, USA, 2017, 15 min.

Good People
Overwhelmed by guilt after an intense affair, Emma returns home to her family hoping to reconnect with her husband. Director: Gregory Kohn, USA, 2017, 21 min. 
Italian with English Subtitles

Lost in Aroncore
9 year old Lucy, uses her creative storytelling and writing techniques blending fantasy and reality- to shelter her older sister. Director: Ryan Wagner, USA, 2017, 14 min.

Two Balloons
Whimsical animation follows two adventurous lemurs navigate their dirigibles halfway around the world to a place where happenstance and fate threaten to disrupt their reunion. Director: Mark C. Smith, USA, 2017, 10 min.

Sunday, September 23

2:00 pm
Intelligent Lives
Academy Award-winning actor and our special guest in 2016, Chris Cooper, narrates this documentary about individuals with intellectual disabilities. He shares a deeply personal perspective of his son Jessie, who had the physical disability—cerebral palsy— and how the medical industry tried to depict Jessie as a marginalized human. A description the family refused to accept. Instead they demanded equal inclusion and rights for their son, who ended up writing poetry and acing Latin classes. Intelligent Lives introduces us to Micah, Naieer, and Naomie, each identified with intellectual disabilities. We observe them and their advocates as they challenge common perceptions of intelligence and IQ testing, and achieve beyond expectations throughout high school, college, and the workforce. Director: Dan Habib, USA, 2018, 70 min. Movie Trailer

Preceded by Woody’s Order!
Woody’s Order! is a one-woman show written and performed by actress Ann Talman. Family legend has it that Ann was “ordered” into this world in 1956 by Woody, her then eight-year-old brother with severe cerebral palsy. Ann’s raison d’être was to care for Woody if and when their parents could not. Director: Seth Kramer, Daniel A. Miller and Jeremy Newberger, USA, 2016, 16 min.

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