As PARTNERS we will listen, consider, and seek common ground.

Historical threads shape the world we live in. Join us as we explore a few in this four-part lecture series hosted by Ken Ing.

6:00 – 7:30 pm

Recommended Reading

April 7 – The History of Russia Part 1 (1241 thru 1917)

Geography dealt Russia a bad hand, and that is a major reason it has always had a hard time keeping up with the cultural and economic advances in Western Europe. We will see how this affected Russian history, era by era, leading up to the climax of the 1917 Russian Revolution.

April 14 – The History of Russia Part 2 (1918 to 2000)

Why did Russia end up with Stalin as its ruler during the crucial formative years after the 1917 Revolution? How did Gorbachev bubble up to the leadership position in the 1980s? Why did the transition out of the Communist era self-implode? We will examine these questions, ending with Putin taking power in 2000.

April 21 – The Impact of the International Monetary Fund on the World

Once the International Monetary Fund steps in to “rescue” a country enduring economic troubles, the cure is arguably worse than the disease. We will look at the economic ideology the IMF operates under and track the debilitating impact on various countries in the world. The legacy of the IMF influences how the world sees the U.S.

April 28 – The History of European Social Support Systems

The U.S. spends less on social support systems than other “Western” countries. What historical and cultural forces spurred the European countries to use their governments to do more to promote the general welfare of their citizens? Every country has its own story and its own approach to providing public social services.

Ken Ing is recently retired after a career in Information Technology in private business. He loves learning about economics and politics and history. So far, he has created 11 talks, about 8 different topics. Creating and giving talks is now his #1 hobby.