Enhance your understanding of technology and improve your basic computer skills!

Join Digital Equity Navigator Jamie Pena at the Library for this 9-week workshop designed to help adults with limited computer experience learn to connect to and use the Internet. Classes are open to teens and adults.

Free classes. No registration is required.

2:30 – 4:00 pm

May 5: Search Results
Practice analyzing the results of a Google search in order to identify the best search results. Learn which websites are more likely to have the information you are looking for, and identify the web address for the result of your search.

May 12: Control Shortcuts
Learn to use Control (Ctrl) shortcuts to help find information quickly on an internet page. Explore the differences between the Ctrl+plus sign and Ctrl+minus sign to zoom in/out and master using Ctrl+F to find a specific word on a page. Use these shortcuts to make finding information in online encyclopedias fast and easy.

May 19: Internet Privacy
Examine the different ways of protecting your privacy while using the internet. Learn about browsing history and how to open a private window that will not track history. Learners will also learn to recognize the difference between secure vs. not secure website addresses.

May 26: Viruses and Email Scams
Practice identifying common ways your computer may get a virus. Learn about viruses and anti-virus software, and discover the best ways to recognize phishing emails.

June 2: Online Forms
Master filling out online forms and navigating common online form challenges. Learn to identify required information in an online form, practice completing a CAPTCHA, and learn how to enable a pop-up window in order to access an online form.

Classes are brought to you by the Jefferson County Library District and Northstar Digital Literacy.