Winter Giving 2021 - Support Your Library!
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In January 2020, none of us could have imagined where we are today. The challenges we’ve shared and adjustments we’ve needed to make throughout the pandemic have been both difficult and sobering. But through it all, your Jefferson County Library has been here for you; first with curbside services and online programs, then with a return to regular public access for browsing, computer use, and public services. We continue to adapt our library programs, offering most events remotely or through “take-and-make” kits to ensure safety and comply with local health directives. However, we are delighted to note that as of November 1, we have returned to seven-days-a-week service! Today, we can confidently say that the library has returned to being the heart of the community it serves.

Looking forward, 2022 is filled with hope and anticipation. The Library’s mobile services building will be expanded, offering a home for a new electric delivery vehicle as well as a dedicated space for the Friends of the Jefferson County Library’s book sales. As conditions permit, you’ll also find us partnering with area organizations and community centers to deliver more programs throughout Jefferson County. You can stay up-to-date on all of our newest programs, added titles, and services by subscribing to one or more of our eNewsletters.

The Jefferson County Library’s success is only possible through the continued support and generosity of people like you during our Winter Giving Campaign. Last year, your donations surpassed the Library’s goal of $20,000. We’re confident that, together, we can do it again this year. We hope you’ll consider making a year-end gift to help us continue our work. Donate Online now.

Thank you again for your continued generous support for the Jefferson County Library. Working together, we are feeding minds and fueling dreams

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Dr. Tamara R. Meredith

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