Join us on the 2nd Thursday of each month to explore themed science projects with Idea Hatch!
Pre-packaged supply kits will be provided. Supply kits may be picked up from the library or Bookmobile the week before each event.

Unable to attend? We’ll post a video after the program. Watch and see what you can discover!

October 8 – Sparks and Spooks! Create Static Electricity
Join us to investigate supernatural events, share ghost stories, and make your own floating ghost pusher using static electricity. Supplies: Balloons, a plastic strip (shopping bags work great), an aluminum can, and terry cloth.
Unable to attend? Watch the Video!
Printable Instructions

Three Gears

November 12 – Secret Message: Invisible Ink
What would you put in a secret message, and how would you send it? Make your own heat-activated invisible ink, and learn about cyphers from our local history. Supplies: paper, a q-tip, lemon juice or baking soda, and water.
Unable to attend? Watch the Video!
Printable Instructions

December 10 – Surprise! Optical Illusions
Optical illusions are a fun way to trick the mind. Explore examples of optical illusions,
learn how the science of perception works, then create your own optical illusions to share!
Supplies: colored squares, glue dots, and swivel head printout. Please provide your own scissors.
Printable Instructions


January 14 – Fly into the New Year with Paper Gliders
Learn about your region’s aerospace industry and talk about drones, gliders and satellites. Then see how innovative you can be with your own glider design! Supplies: Index card, a paper straw, and tape. Please provide your own scissors.